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Sometimes we get so wrapped up in “the pretty”, that we forget how beautiful the “real is”.  It is undeniable that photography has become more accessible to the everyday person and thus a mainstay in many people’s lives. What happened to those beloved snapshots, before there was digital, social media, camera phones or any sort of immediate public judgment? What happened to your mom following you around with a wind up disposable or an old Polaroid and then taking it to the film lab to get developed? The wait made it even more precious to me. The private print of you and only you looking back at that print and cherishing it in that very moment. There is something so amazing about a tangible print, about a film camera. It captures a side of realism beyond the capabilities of computers. It is light reacting with matter and painting a story of that small fraction of time onto paper. This is film and it is authentic. I believe one thing about art; human beings innately know when someone or something or some art is authentic or not.

As a professional photographer I have captured hundreds of people dressed up for their biggest days and proudest moments; whether it be a new baby born, a wedding vow or a precious family gathering where we all try to get every member smiling for the camera. Please, please, please don’t GET ME WRONG, I love these proud moments and will always be eager to artistically portray these memories but what about the other millions of little moments that we take for granted everyday?  The ones where you are feeding a baby, or swinging a toddler, cuddling with our teenagers or just making dinner together? These are really the moments that make up everyday life and mold us into who we are today. I want to capture this authenticity too.

A couple of weeks ago, I got to do just that. I was welcomed into some dear friend’s home and just watched as they played and laughed, fed and rocked and just were. I just observed and preserved those moments in time. I did this, because I realize that I want my children to be able to look back and say, “Hey, that’s where I grew up, that’s me with mom in my room that I slept in for so many years. That’s mom and dad on their corner of the couch just like they were every night.” I want to be able to sift through these memories and take me back to a wonderful time in my life when my kiddos are grown and my life has changed. I realized that when I actually took the time to think about what some of my favorite photo are,  the ones of me as a child laying in the backyard with my Daddy’s big shirt on, or doing dishes at the sink, standing on a barstool with my sister.

This is what I want for my life and this is what I want to share with you. How many are going to be able to pull out an iPhone and hope it still works in 30 years? Even more, how many of you are IN those photos of your kids? GET IN THOSE PHOTOS. It’s not for you, it’s for them. So yes, there is still a time and place for those pretty family photos in the field, (hell I just had some taken myself that I am totally geeked about) but there is also a time and place to capture your crazy, beautiful, messy everyday life.

And I am here for you. I want to preserve those memories for you in a way that they too deserve.

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