Houston Wedding Photographer | Jessica + Logan Engagement

Sitting in that coffee shop I was flipping through a Vogue magazine, getting ready to meet my couple. Sometimes this job, even after 6 years gives me butterflies. Not the type of butterflies I would get in the beginning from being unsure, but the type of being sure that I was about to make beautiful stuff happen. My heart still pounds with excitement for wedding days and I am still excited to load those images to my computer. It’s like Christmas every damn day that I do this thing that I love.

It wasn’t hard to spot which couple was mine. Logan and Jessica came through those doors and I could just tell; they were dressed to the nines and looking happily in love. I cannot wait for their wedding day this spring! For now here is a little look into their engagement session and watch as these two totally rock it out.

Engagements-01 Engagements-02 Engagements-03 Engagements-04 Engagements-05 Engagements-06 Engagements-07 Engagements-08 Engagements-09 Engagements-10 Engagements-11 Engagements-12 Engagements-13 Engagements-14 Engagements-15 Engagements-16 Engagements-17 Engagements-18 Engagements-19 Engagements-20 Engagements-21 Engagements-22 Engagements-23 Engagements-24 Engagements-25 Engagements-26 Engagements-27 Engagements-28 Engagements-29 Engagements-30 Engagements-31 Engagements-32 Engagements-33

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