Houston Wedding Photographer | Romance by the Lake

From dramatic colors to silky textures from the perfectly still lake, this inspiration session was full of veracity and romance. From lights to darks, it is the perfect juxtaposition between the remnants of winter and the new life of the spring which sets the backdrop for this styled session. The cool grey fine china was offset by the dramatic and slightly capricious floral.
The blush pink wedding gown was the perfect amount of romance added into the ambiance. The soft hues of the grey tuxedo paired with warm sun and grasses portrayed the love and devotion of the couple in an unsaid way.
The backdrop of the crystal clear lake provided a steadfastness to the session and mirrored the foundation of love; sometimes still, other times stirred yet always remaining a unifying body of water.

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Bridal Boutique: Ruby and Jane
Cake Artist: Grandough Bakery
Invitations: Confetti Grey

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