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These two. My little loves. The reason for my existence. Words cannot express my love for my kiddos and luckily, I get to capture them forever. Sometimes when you practice a certain trade as your career, you don’t want to do it when you get home. Like the painter who never paints his house, or the stylists who can’t stand to do her hair, or the repairman with a few broken appliances. That couldn’t be further from the truth for me. I LOVE to capture my kiddos, even if brother can be a turkey and it takes bribing with ice-cream and tickles to get him to smile.

Nothing to me is more important that capturing your kiddos as they grow. To show where they were and who they were in that time. We are so lucky nowadays to have such easy access to photography and I’m even luckier that this just happens to be my trade.

So here is Levi with his baby sister Lyla, just 2 1/2 months old. Here is a peek into my world of snuggles, the beginning of wrestles and playing that will last these two siblings a lifetime. Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3103 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3127Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3058 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3170 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3184 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3189 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3199 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3200 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3206 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3213 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3216

that smile <3Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3225

Baby rolls and baby toes because I just can’t resist them. Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3232 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3236

A photo with her furry brother. She was unsure but enjoyed his massive fluff.Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3285 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3288 Levi and Lyla 10 weeks-3296

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