Las Brisas Farms Wedding, Austin Wedding Photographer | Julie and Carsen Married

During Julie’s bridals a month ago we were talking about the details of her wedding. She said one thing to pretty much sum it all up, “You’re gonna love it.” She knows me too well. During Julie and Carsen’s wedding my jaw was literally dropping left and right. I think I picked it up off of the floor several times. Despite a few rain showers in the morning (which hey you two, I’ve heard that means you are going to be rich, yay!) the day returned a special light that only the calm after a storm can bring. It seems that mother nature throws these types of days at me because she just knows how much I love them.

From the details to the location at Las Brisas Farm to the amazing DJ, the night didn’t just march on (although there was a wedding march to kick things off), it was absolutely an fabulous party. Julie and Carsen are loved and supported by so many people and that was more than apparent. You can tell that the foundation of their marriage is strong and steadfast.

Julie and Carsen, thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of your memories throughout this journey from bridals toengagement to wedding. I have enjoyed our time together and I loved capturing every minute of your wedding day bliss. Best of luck, happiness and blessings to the newlywed Collins! 2013-10-16_0002 2013-10-16_0003 2013-10-16_0004 2013-10-16_0005 2013-10-16_0006 2013-10-16_0007 2013-10-16_0008  2013-10-16_0010 2013-10-16_0011 2013-10-16_0012 2013-10-16_0013 2013-10-16_0014 2013-10-16_0015 2013-10-16_0016 2013-10-16_0017 2013-10-16_0018  2013-10-16_0020 2013-10-16_0021 2013-10-16_0022 2013-10-16_0023 2013-10-16_0024 2013-10-16_0025 2013-10-16_0026 2013-10-16_0027 2013-10-16_0028 2013-10-16_0029 2013-10-16_0030 2013-10-16_0031 2013-10-16_0032 2013-10-16_0033 2013-10-16_0034 2013-10-16_0035 2013-10-16_0036 2013-10-16_0037 2013-10-16_0038 2013-10-16_0039 2013-10-16_0040 2013-10-16_0041 2013-10-16_0042 2013-10-16_0043 2013-10-16_0044 2013-10-16_0045 2013-10-16_0046 2013-10-16_0047 2013-10-16_0048 2013-10-16_0049 2013-10-16_0050  2013-10-16_0052

Wedding Coordinator: Pam Keller
Floral Artist: Jane’s Joy Florist
Cake Artist: Ginger Collins
Disc Jockey: LG Entertainment
Makeup Artist: Make Up Kraze
Hair Artist: Hannah Keyes and Jessica Contreras of Southern Belle’s Salon
Wedding Dress: Casa Blanca
Wedding Botique: Parvani Vida Bridal
Brass Band: Spindletop Brass Band

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