Lufkin Newborn Photographer | Welcoming OUR BABY GIRL Lyla Grace

Sweet Lyla Grace is almost a month old as of today. A month. Wow. Where does the time go between diaper changes, swaddling, nap time, nighttime feedings, chasing toddlers, reading books, tucking in, bath time, bedtime and cuddles? Life with two is crazy hectic and answering emails and keeping a business running leaves me with about 2.5 seconds per day to myself, so I may or may not get to brush my teeth…. but I wouldn’t have it any other way. What a joy it has been to see sister and brother bond and grow together. {Break to change diaper and fill sippy cup inserted here.}¬†What a blessing to hold a tiny baby tight to my chest every day as she sleeps away in dreamland. I think I forgot how much I loved having a little baby around because I have been busy loving the daily sponge that is a toddler. I joke and say that I am in babyland, but that’s really where I have been. Somewhere on this secluded island of innocent joy, I still find the time to do the one thing I love and that is capture a moment in photographic form. So I don’t have time to write you about Lyla’s first month or to tell you about those chubby cheeks, but with a few photos you can just see for yourself.

Lyla Newborn-0424 3Lyla Newborn-0651Lyla Newborn-0284 Lyla Newborn-0299 Lyla Newborn-0307 Lyla Newborn-0312 Lyla Newborn-0330 Lyla Newborn-0338 Lyla Newborn-0343 Lyla Newborn-0362Lyla Newborn-0373Lyla Newborn-0510

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