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Time off from work should be a prerequisite to life as an adult. Whether it is to have a baby, start a new job or whatever life changing event you are going through, I have learned (the second time around on maternity leave) to take it easy and enjoy some reflection time. Amidst the snuggles and diaper changes, I have taken some personal time to think. Just think about where I want to be professionally. That’s when I realized something….

This is my business and I only have to do what ever I want to do. I stand by quality not quantity. I stand by customer experience. I stand by creating art, not just a new profile picture for someone’s Facebook page. Then I realized something else. I don’t have to change anything about my clients or business to achieve this. So this year I am not taking as many jobs. Not only to enjoy my life and my new family a little more (as these precious years are oh-so-fleeting), but to be the best I can be. For me. For my clients. Each session, each wedding, each photo will have only the most active attention to detail and care that I can provide. So if you are on my client list for this year, be very, very excited for new things to come!

That leads me to this lovely lady. This is my best friend of about 10 years, Chelsea Diffenderfer. She is one of those people that you call up and just chat with for an hour everyday, literally. She drives me nuts, pisses me off and keeps my head on straight. A few weeks ago she came to visit here in Texas; to meet baby Lyla and spend time with my family and I. Showing her around, I realized how blessed I am and how proud I am to show another person I love all that Caleb and I have built together. When she asked me to take some photos of her for her fabulous photography business Reflectivity on our turf, I jumped with excitement. I knew that I could shoot however I wanted, without limitations or expectations and capture my dear friend in this moment. THAT is what I do this for. Not just Chelsea, but YOU reading this. YOU are someone that is loved and I want to capture you for all time for those people who love you. I want to capture your happy, your sad, your lonely, your life event, your children and grandchildren. I want to capture love. So that is why I am not just a landscape photographer, or just a portrait photographer, or just a wedding photographer. I am a people photographer. I am a moments photographer.

I am happy.

Chelsea Headshots 2015-0235Chelsea Headshots 2015-0193 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0270 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0280 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0295 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0331 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0359Chelsea Headshots 2015-0271 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0364 Chelsea Headshots 2015-0433

At the last moment, Chelsea grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots of me in all this happiness.

Chelsea Headshots 2015-0448

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