Michigan Engagement Photographer | Korey + Joe

It’s always nice to rekindle relationships and meeting up with Korey and Joe just seemed natural. I haven’t seen Korey in over 5 years, ever since we went to college together but she is the same happy, bubbly, laughing girl that I have always known, or at least she is when she is around Joe. These two keep it real and go the distance (literally) to keep their relationship well cared for. After years of long distance loving, these two are finally tying the knot and I could not be happier that they chose me to capture it all.

They live in upstate New York, I live in Texas, their wedding is going to be in Ohio (at the fabulous Tudor Arms Hotel, yea I’m excited) and we met up in Michigan in my small hometown to take these lovelies and document their engagement. Enjoy and stay tuned for way, way more pretties!

Korey and Joe Engagement-1270 Korey and Joe Engagement-1302 Korey and Joe Engagement-1341 Korey and Joe Engagement-1394 Korey and Joe Engagement-1414 Korey and Joe Engagement-1421 Korey and Joe Engagement-1436Korey and Joe Engagement-1418Korey and Joe Engagement-1453 Korey and Joe Engagement-1485 Korey and Joe Engagement-1497 Korey and Joe Engagement-1523 Korey and Joe Engagement-1533 Korey and Joe Engagement-1547 Korey and Joe Engagement-1581 Korey and Joe Engagement-1613 Korey and Joe Engagement-1616 Korey and Joe Engagement-1646

Nothing like a Michigan lake, really I try to explain this to other people (ahem, my fellow Texans) but seriously I have never seen an ugly Michigan lake. Brings me back and feeds the soul.

Korey and Joe Engagement-1761 Korey and Joe Engagement-1798 Korey and Joe Engagement-1815 Korey and Joe Engagement-1835 Korey and Joe Engagement-1856 Korey and Joe Engagement-1889 Korey and Joe Engagement-1905 Korey and Joe Engagement-1946 Korey and Joe Engagement-1961 Korey and Joe Engagement-1874Korey and Joe Engagement-1870

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