Newborn Nursery| Ready for Baby Lyla

I’m ready. The diaper bags are packed, the monitor is charged, the wallpaper is up and Momma’s arms are prepared to hold a new, sweet little baby girl. Sometimes I get a little over zealous when I am super excited for things. The opposite of procrastination, I have learned to stress to get things done way ahead of time so that I can enjoy waiting for it to actually happen. Only with things that I really want and Lord, do I want this baby girl. The stars are all aligned and life couldn’t be more ready to accept her. At this point, I actually feel like her presence is the missing piece to my family. I can’t wait for her baby brother to climb up in that rocking chair and hold her with me, or to watch her Daddy sway back and forth as he soothes his little princess.

So to say that this little girl is coming into this world and our home with nothing but love would be an understatement. That is why I choose such a girly, pretty-in-pink nursery, my dream nursery. I have been surrounded by nothing but dirt and dark blues the past few years, so this soft and sweet little girl is going to be a juxtaposition to the life of crazy and wild boys. Not that she won’t have her moments of rough and tough play, but there is something so sweet and innocent about a baby girl. I can hardly wait for it all.

So here is where she will start out in life. This is her first space to call her own, I just hope that she loves it as much as I do.

Lyla Nursery01 Lyla Nursery02 Lyla Nursery03 Lyla Nursery04 Lyla Nursery05

Here is Bear Dog (I call all my animals by their name and species, no clue why), already on baby duty, I know he will be a great “protector” for this baby girl. Lyla Nursery06

Her coming home outfit. I can hardly take how precious this is!! Lyla Nursery07 Lyla Nursery08 Lyla Nursery09 Lyla Nursery10 Lyla Nursery11

The mobile, hand made just to match the wallpaper. Lyla Nursery12 Lyla Nursery13 Lyla Nursery14 Lyla Nursery15 Lyla Nursery16 Lyla Nursery17

Items from nursery:

Crib: Bratt Decor

Deer and antler prints: Etsy

Quilt: Etsy Custom Listing

Chandelier: Wayfair

Wallpaper: Anthropologie

Rocking chair: Walmart

Moroccan Pouffe Ottoman: Etsy

Changing table: Ikea then painted

Deer head: Hobby Lobby

Mobile: Handmade commission

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