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Everyone told me that your second child is different than your first.  From all the old wives tales, of “Well your first was a good baby, so now your second will be hell on wheels” to “The first kid has 9 million photos, and with the second you will barely have time for 3”, I guess I was prepared for a battle of sorts. Not that life has been all peaches and cream with 2 kids, but now I feel rooted enough in having both of them that I can say a thing or two about having multiples.

I never imagined how much your heart could grow to make room for a second child, but mine has. I have fallen for my baby girl these past 6 months and her little, vivacious and positive personality has left me completely smitten. She completes a part of me that I never thought was possible. I’m not sure if it is because she is a little girl, but I can tell you this; she is sweet, she is sincere, she is a fireball, she is a clown and she is nothing less than delightful to be around. She really is all those things to me and she is only 6 months old. Little boys love their mamas, but guess what,  little girls do too. We are best buds, Lyla Grace and I and I just hope it stays that way forever.

So yes, having a second is difficult because you have less time, but it is easier because you already know what to do. It’s amazing how God grants you that gift. I guess I am lucky because I was blessed with 2 great babies, or maybe it’s just that I love having babies around. Seriously though, what is more precious than an innocent child conquering her surroundings and excited at the sight of her Mama’s face. Melt my heart, and happy half birthday sweet child of mine.

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