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Going home to Michigan is like a breath of fresh air. It rejuvenates me and allows me to rekindle relationships and literally just get back to my roots. There is something that flows through leaves of the technicolor trees in the fall that makes me want to close my eyes and take it all in. See, this will always be my home; that is not to take away from Texas, that sweet southern state where I raise my family hold a near and dear place in my heart as well, but my upraising of 22 years that has undeniably left an impression that never can be taken away.

To share those memories with my children,  is more than just a joy or a sweet thing. This is a need. I need them to see this part of, the biggest part thus far that made me who I am. To see Levi play where I played and enjoying the things that I did, takes me back to memories in my childhood. That was me, picking apples and running through the trees, that was me tossing pebbles into the lake and searching for shells.

Having children, although they are very much their own people, are a direct reflection of who you are at times. It is unexplainable but sometimes they are a passage way of this crazy culmination of you and your spouse. I think its easier to spot little flickers of Caleb in Levi and Lyla. I am used to watching him, not myself, but parenting has ever encouraged me to look at myself as well. These little people look straight up to us, they watch how we cook, and clean, and imitate our every gesture. reflections are good, they let us see who we really are.

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