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To┬ásay I was excited for our family session could be an understatement. I was THRILLED. I choose one outfit for the family and then decided to go with another outfit, like 3 more times. I feel your pain my dear friends, this choosing outfit business for photos is no joke. I take so many day to day photos of my kids, or photos of dad with kids that I am rarely in a photo and even more rarely is there a photo of all of us together. When my friend Anna of Anna Krystine Photography moved back to town I just knew I had to get in a family session with her. She is amazing, Amazing, AMAZING. She’s one of those people who just effortlessly puts you at ease and is so carefree. I can’t even begin to express how dear this southern belle is to me. She’s the best. So here’s to being in a photo or two and here’s to my little family!

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Thank you Anna!!!

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