Personal Post I Michigan Visit 2016

Visiting family is a must and I had gone far too long without seeing mine. We spent 9 days in the great up north and somehow it was too long and too short. We travelled the state, making memories and bonding with family. I love, love, love to show my littles and my husband where I am from. The pride that beams out of me has me shouting in every direction, look there! look here! This is where…. So many memories. It is an interesting thing to merge the past and present. Somehow visiting home always seems like I am trying to lessen the gap between my life before and my life now, but then here I am in the present experiencing all of this with my most beloved husband and children. I wonder if this is how things feel for most people or maybe only the ones who left their home to start their forever home with their spouse. Nevertheless, visiting Michigan is near and dear to my hear and so are all of the loved ones that I leave up there every year. Thank the Lord for FaceTime and phone calls, because I don’t know what I would do without technology. So here is technology at it’s finest, allowing you internet to see a bit into MY personal life, as I usually share so many moments of others lives.

Here is my soul and all that I love.

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