Personal Post I Slowing Down Time

Today I wanted to slow down time. I wanted to capture life as it was happening right then so I literally raced to my office, tripping over Caleb along the way and startled, he asked “What’s wrong?!” I explained that nothing was wrong, I just needed to capture the everyday moment of my child rocking and reading to herself. Today is no different than yesterday and we have spent a 1000 times sitting in that chair and rocking for nap time and bedtime. I’ve spent countless hours holding my tiny baby close and now wrestling a toddler to sleep. We’ve read books and ate snacks, drank milk and sang countless songs. This is my favorite corner of my home and I know that soon this phase will pass. This is nothing more than a cherished collection of treasured moments that I needed to capture exactly this afternoon. So as my child rests now, I thank God for all he has blessed me with because these simple moments are the ones that I live for.

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