Personal Post | Stop and Chase the Bubbles

I always thought that those moms who posted photos of themselves crying in their cars on the first day of their child’s Kindergarten day to be ridiculous. Now I know that I am going to be that mom. Levi, Lyla and I have lived in our own little world since Levi broke entrance into it. Working from home has enabled me to spend max time with my kiddos and for the past 5 years Levi and I have pretty much shared every moment together from sun up to sun down. We go to sleep when we want and we wake when we want. Day to day (with the exception of weddings and sessions) we just do whatever we want that day. I’ve let the kids desires run our days for 5 years and I’ve been lucky enough to fit my work into the spaces between those moments. Now working from home is a whole different struggle that I won’t explain here but for me the benefits far outweigh those struggles. So here we are with just 9 days until the rest of our lives start. Im having a hard time wrapping my mind around how my eldest child is entering the world where tasks and obligations start to dictate your time. This is one of the first times that I am “letting go” and it is SO much more of a big deal for me than I ever thought. I have to remind myself that this is just Lyla’s time to enjoy what Levi had before she came along; one on one time with just the two of us. So right now for the next 9 days you can find me soaking up every moment of this carefree life that we have. And for now, bubbles.

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