Tyler Wedding Photographer | Cody + Katelyn

There is something about a backyard wedding that just gets me, it hits me right there with all this amazing, wonderful emotion welling up in my heart. There is so much love that goes into a wedding when hosted at a family member’s home and I just imagine how it all gets started.

Katelyn and Cody were married under the big oak tree in her parent’s backyard; it rained, it stopped, it rained and then the sun shined right on through. Her parents hosted the reception under a big white tent with little lights twinkling in the night. There was love, laughter and a whole lot more. This song played at the reception just really summed up the most important thing…

the way Cody looked at Katelyn the entire day.

These two are in love y’all.

So in love.

“There’s a girl downtown with freckles on her nose Pencils in her pocket and ketchup on her clothes She’s a real nice girl, pretty as a plate The boys call her Katie when they ask her on a date And who knows Katie?
Maybe you could be the one

There’s a boy outside standin’ in the rain His hands are in his pockets he’s a wonderin’ why he came He’s a real nice boy, slower than the fall The girls call him Billy if there callin’ him at all And who knows Billy?
Maybe you could be the one

But hearts don’t fly
And words don’t sing
Boys like you can’t buy no ring
Love’s not stuck
It just moves slow
Turn around a minute
And away we go”

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Congrats to you two and thank you for letting us be apart of your amazing day!


Venue: Bride’s Parents home

Second Shooter: Laurie Cordroy

Wedding Coordinator: Simply Yours by Design

Florist: Moonflower Cottage

Cake Artist: Chez Bazan

DJ: CMB Productions

Bridal Boutique: De Ma Fille

Dress: Essence of Australia

Rentals: Tyler Tents and Events

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